Substance Abuse/Alcohol Assessments

Do You Need a Substance Abuse Evaluation to restore your driver’s license in Michigan?

An Alcohol Assessment for court?


Centennial Park Counseling provides Substance Abuse Evaluations and Alcohol Assessments.  These services can satisfy a court order due to DUI’s and other related behaviors due to substance usage.

In Michigan, if you were convicted of a DUI and want to restore your driver’s license then you will have to go through a driver’s license restoration hearing with the Driver Assessment & Appeal Division (DAAD).  They will require that you obtain a substance abuse evaluation.  The substance abuse evaluation will need to clearly show evidence that you are no longer at risk for repeat drunk driving.

To obtain a Substance Abuse Evaluation, call and make an appointment today at (616) 949-9550.

Checklist of information that you need to bring with you at the substance abuse evaluation appointment—

1-History Information—Any convictions, driving violations, and/or criminal records, with dates, blood alcohol level, history of substance use including approximate dates of previous sobriety

2-Treatment —Any counseling or treatment received with dates

3-Support Documents—AA meetings, support groups (sign-in sheets)

4-Letters of Sobriety—If you have reference letters completed – bring copies

5-10 Panel Drug Test Results—If you have completed a drug test – bring in a copy of the results

6-Payment—$200.00 cash or credit card only  –  NO CHECKS

You do not have to go through this process alone.

We are here to help.  Begin to move forward by contacting us today at (616) 949-9550.