Group Therapy

Sexual Integrity Groups

Sexual addiction impacts many men today.

The term ‘sexual addiction‘ is having devastating effects on marriages today. The term ‘sexual addiction’ is used to describe the behavior of men, women and adolescents who have an unusually intense sex drive, an obsession with sex and difficulty in managing their sexual behavior. The behavior can manifest itself in many different sexual expressions. Some being; fantasizing, lusting, masturbating, pornography, multiple affairs, exhibitionism, cross dressing, obsessive dating through personal ads revolving around the offer of sex, fetishes, meeting with prostitutes and call girls/guys, and obscene calls.  The Sexual Addiction group meetings are highly confidential, gut-wrenchingly honest, extremely helpful and solidly  Christian/Biblically based. This group offers hope and healing to men who are struggling with their addiction.

What happens in group?

We work through hard issues like specific wounds and hurts and our past.  We address ideas and techniques to get and stay in recovery.  There is voluntary accountability and opportunities to be connected to men outside of the group setting to help when things get difficult.  We have a time of checking in at each session to address the challenges and successes of the past week and provide a venue for men to ask for feedback or ideas on topics.  We also have a teaching/discussion time that addresses topics such as the sexual addiction cycle, brain chemistry and addiction, trauma, family dynamics, intimacy disorders, setting boundaries, etc.  At the end of each session we take time for each man to speak about a “take away” from the group that they will work on in the upcoming week.  The group uses Christian beliefs and philosophy to address sex addiction issues but we welcome anyone and all to attend.


When and where do we meet?

We meet weekly with two options to attend.  We have a Thursday night group that meets from 6:30 – 8:30pm and a Friday morning group that meets from 6 -8 am.  All groups meet at Centennial Park Counseling.  The fee is $20.00 dollars per session.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this group, David UitdeFlesh, MA, LLP, CAADC leads these groups and will be available to assist you with registering at (616) 949-9550 ext. 140.

DBT Informed Group

Are you struggling with getting through every day?
Has anxiety and/or depression been plaguing your daily life?
Does it seem like nothing has helped?
Are you looking to improve your ability to manage things in your life?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions; then our DBT-informed group might be a good fit for you. Pulling from time-tested and research-supported Dialectical Behavioral Therapy concepts, our new DBT-informed group is meant for adults, 18 years or older, who are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationships, and overall functioning. The group will run on Tuesdays during the lunch hour and will provide participants with skills to manage emotions, relationships, and daily life. Cost for the group will be a low, flat-rate fee paid at each group meeting. Individuals interested in joining the group will be asked to participate in an over-the-phone screening and a brief intake assessment prior to starting in the group.

Please contact Lara Schaible or Julianne Lettinga for more information at (616) 949-9550.


‘Living In Balance’ Group

Overcome addictive behaviors.
Find sustained recovery.
Experience health with self and in relationships.
Enjoy a satisfying life.

‘Living in Balance & Leaving the Past Behind’ is an inclusive, new recovery group open to all adults! This group will provide help and hope to those who feel trapped by the repetitive destructive behavior patterns related to their struggle with addiction.

Segment One: A 12-week Educational Course

  • Substances and how they each affect the brain and body
  • Triggers, cravings, and avoiding relapse
  • Spirituality and recovery
  • Identifying and coping with intense emotions
  • Relapse prevention tools

Segment Two: A 12-week Therapeutic Course

  • Resolve specific personal issues
  • Address previously unresolved issues that have driven addictive patterns
  • Find lasting skills for a relapse prevention plan


bret-9-20-2016Group sessions are offered at $30.00 per session.

More information can be found by contacting Bret Hoxworth at:
(616) 949-9550 ext. 104 or