Beth Mellema, LMSW

Beth Mellema, LMSWBilingual Clinician ~ Se habla español

Beth is a bilingual (Spanish) Licensed Master Social Worker. She enjoys working with diverse people groups with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Beth specializes in childhood trauma, families in crisis, parenting issues, issues related to deportation or family separation, single parenting, singleness issues, domestic violence, grief, school issues, adult and childhood anxiety and depression. Beth has special experience working with families involved in the juvenile justice system. She is passionate about giving people the opportunity to have a voice and feel heard. Beth offers Christian support to those who are looking to make a change in any part of their life.

Beth es una licenciada trabajadora social bilingüe (en español). Ella disfruta trabajando con diversos grupos de personas con una variedad de orígenes y perspectivas. Beth es especializada en traumas de la infancia, las familias en crisis, los temas de crianza, problemas relacionados con la deportación o la separación de la familia, padres solteros, las cuestiones soltería, la violencia doméstica, el dolor, la terapia de juego, los problemas escolares y la depresión y la ansiedad infantil y de adultos. Beth tiene especial experiencia con las familias que participan en el sistema de justicia juvenil. Ella es apasionada de dar a la gente la oportunidad de tener una voz y sentirse escuchados. Beth ofrece apoyo cristiano a aquellos que están buscando para hacer un cambio en alguna parte de su vida.




“My work sent me here to help me, maybe so I didn’t lose my job.  This program helped me very much to not fall back into alcoholism. I have new ideas. I’m thinking about learning English.  I want to show them I’m a good worker in the future.  If God brought me here it was to improve me.  I am thankful to my work for the help they have given me.  I appreciate Beth Mellema very much.  I’ve learned a lot from the classes Beth gave me.  If I ever need help in the future I will come back here.”

“I came to CPC overwhelmed with feelings of anger, despair, and failure surrounding my parents divorce.  After 7 months of talking and working with Beth Mellema, I have developed confidence in myself and have learned how to positively cope with difficult situations.  Her patience and support have been a blessing and I feel so privileged to have found her in my time of need.”  — Client Initials: MP || Gender/age:  Female/24 yrs old

“Beth has helped me transform my life. I am truly blessed to have had her as a therapist. I have grown so much in the short amount of time I had with her. Her guidance was a blessing to me. I have grown to understand that I have the power to live in peace and that I can make good choices. I could not have got this far without her. She is the best!” — Client Initials: RC || Gender/age: Female/24 yrs old